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Custom Orthotics and Cleats – A challenging combination… but not an impossible one!

As Certified Pedorthists, we are constantly balancing the needs of our clients against the restrictions that exist in the form of footwear. There are countless different styles of footwear in the world today, and not all shoes are created equal in terms of their ability to accommodate an orthotic. In a perfect world we would […]

Pedorthics vs Podiatry

One of the most common sources of confusion that we encounter at Soles in Motion is the difference between a Pedorthist and a Podiatrist. Today, I’d like to clear that up once and for all. Imagine a scenario: You find yourself suffering from persistent foot, leg or back pain that just doesn’t seem to want to go away. It reaches the point where you decide something needs to be done, and so you consult with your doctor […]