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Bauerfeind Compression Therapy
The most popular compression stocking with the highest level of customer satisfaction is the VenoTrain® micro. Made with 50% microfiber, it is particularly soft and gentle on your skin. Moisture is transported away from your…Read More
Bauerfeind Ankle
The Bauerfeind AchilloTrain® ankle brace provides therapeutic support and treatment for Achillodynia and Achilles tendon ruptures. The active knitted support sleeve and integrated, viscoelastic tendon pad are…Read More
Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee
GenuTrain ® is a comfortable, lightweight support designed to help relieve knee pain and swelling during sports or everyday activities. An incorporated silicone insert leaves the patella …Read More
Bauerfeind Back
The LumboLoc back brace is anatomically contoured knit that ensures individual adaptation to the patient’s shape for maximum comfort. The practical hand straps allow the support to be fitted easily. Anatomically …Read More
Bauerfeind Shoulder
The OmoTrain is an active support for the treatment of the shoulder. The anatomically contoured knit ensures optimal adaptation to the shape of the body for maximum comfort. A viscoelastic insert with velcro tabs can be optionally…Read More