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What is a Certified Canadian Pedorthist?
Certified Pedorthist” is a title used by”The College of Pedorthics of Canada”The professional designation of Certified Pedorthist is assigned to individuals who have completed the required training through education and clinic experience, and have passed the Pedorthic Certification exam. An individual who has met the above requirements must comply with mandatory continuing education program in order to maintain this certification. A certified pedorthist is obligated to support and conform to professional responsibilities that promote and assure the overall welfare of the patient and the integrity of the profession. Pedorthists consult with patients based on a referral from a prescribing healthcare professional such as a family physician, and are integrated members of health care teams. Certified Pedorthists work within a specific capacity detailed in their respective scope of practice documents. The College of Pedorthics of Canada enforce its professional code of ethics ….

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Here is what to expect from your Certified Pedorthist assessment on your first appointment.Our Canadian Certified Pedorthist, will cover all areas of why you are experiencing pain. By completing a thorough examination, it enables him to design a very individualized treatment plan for you. The first part of your pedorthic assessment includes a history taking to determine how long you have been experiencing pain and why. He will test your joint range of motion in your feet and ankles to make sure that each joint moves in its full range, the strength of certain muscles, the type of foot you have: normal, flat or high arched and Identify any boney prominences, edema, discolouration. He will watch you walk to analyse your gait and alignment of your knee and lower back. He will then customize a treatment plan which may include….

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Gait Analysis
The Gait Analysis process is part of a full Pedorthic assessment. It can be done prior to a full assessment to determine whether a full assessment is necessary or if the client’s insurance company determines it as part of their approval for footwear. It is a multi-step process to ensure that you purchase the shoe that conforms to your foot shape, matches the characteristics of your gait and provides appropriate cushioning. There are many factors involved in the assessment. Our Canadian Certified Pedorthist starts by evaluating your current worn shoe. Examining the insole and outer sole of your current shoe tells him a lot about….

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