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Ossur Ankle/Foot
Whether for post-injury support or prophylactic use, the GameDay Ankle Brace is equipped for the task. Figure-8 strapping provides inversion/eversion support and compression that mimics athletic taping. However, unlike athletic taping…Read More
Ossur Elbow
The Ossur Airform Elbow Brace focuses compression on the forearm tendons to help decrease the stress at the elbow joint. This stress is the cause of many orthopedic conditions including medial and lateral epicondylitis…Read More
Ossur Knee
CTi ligament knee braces provide the ultimate combination of stabilization and protection of the knee joint. This truly custom-made brace uses Accutrac® hinges with extension stops to glide with the knee…Read More
Ossur Wrist
The Spectra wrist brace is designed to immobilize the wrist at a neutral angle. Its single-pull lacing closure makes it easier to apply than a conventional wrist brace, meeting the needs of patients with arthritis…Read More
Ossur Back
The new Miami Lumbar spinal orthosis is an easy-to-use brace designed for pain relief, the protection of injured ligaments or muscles and post-surgical immobilization. A TLSO attachment can be used for maximum…Read More